Course: Social Survey Analysis

R Social Surveys Statistics Regression ENVS450
December 2, 2019

Lecturer: Paul Williamson

Descriptive Statistics

Variance = sum of squared errors Standard Deviation = square root of variance

Principles of Table Design

Election Data Visualized

Income Distribution

Measurement Error & Missing Data

Either impute plausible values or delete missing values.

Reweighting. ‘Post-stratification’.

‘Conditional Independence Assumption’.

Inferential Statistics and χ-Squared

Karl Popper, Falsification

Null Hypothesis.


Amrhein et al. (2019) Scientists rise up against statistical significance.

Confidence Intervals

The Amazing Central Limits Theorem. (trivia: see also Alan Turing and the Central Limit Theorem)

Standard Error.

Correlation and Regression

Best line minimizes sum of squared errors.

Visualizing correlation:

Logistic Regression

Mood, C. (2009). Logistic Regression: Why We Cannot Do What We Think We Can Do, and What We Can Do About It vs. Kuha, J. (2018). On Group Comparisons With Logistic Regression Models

Model Diagnostics

Dangers of Area-Level Data Analysis